What is a Favorite Ride Board on Pinterest, you may ask? Well, this one may be a little “out there,” so go with me here and you’ll soon see.

  1. I love cars.
  2. I love meat-and-three restaurants.
  3. I reluctantly started “playing” on Pinterest.

Eventually, I put the two “loves” together and, behold, an absolutely fantastic creation was born: my Favorite Ride to a Meat and Three Pinterest board! You gotta go take a look!

You know, when I write it down in a logical sequence like that, it doesn’t seem so “out there” now.

Most of the people who visit meat-and-threes get there via some sort of transportation, right? Cars and Trucks. Motorcycles and Scooters. Busses and Trains. Maybe boats and airplanes, but I’ve not heard of those yet.

To some, their vehicle is just a means of transportation and they’re not really into it. For others, their “ride” is one of their most prized possessions and they love to “show out” when they hit the road, for any reason. Marrying a favorite ride with a delectable meal at a meat-and-three restaurant, diner or cafe is a match made in heaven!

What about you? What’s your favorite ride when you are on the hunt for some serious country cooking — a blue plate lunch — made with love, like granny used to make? Is yours in one of the  many pins I’ve listed? Let me know in the comments below.


U.S. Meat-and-Three Restaurants: https://meatandthree.com/usa/

Pinterest Pages: