It’s a reasonable question: “Why should exist?” It’s one I’ve given much thought to, and one that has led to many more questions.

  • - question mark 01Is it really worth the challenge of building something from the ground up in a very crowded space?
  • How much time is this going to require in addition to other responsibilities?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • How many people will need to be hired?
  • Are there really more than just a few meat-and-threes out there?
  • Do meat-and-threes actually exist above the Mason-Dixon line?
  • Are people really as interested in meat-and-three restaurants, diners and cafes as much as I am? (translated, “are they as crazy as I am?”)
  • And many more!

A quick search on the web for restaurants or diners or cafes, in any given city, reveals several well-established websites that provide much of the basic information one would need when trying to find a place to eat. It might seem that “another” website in this arena is an exercise in futility. Kind of like “dancing on peanut butter” … lots of effort, very little progress!

Why Not?

Maybe the question should be, “Why not” I mean, why shouldn’t people who love a good meat-and-three meal have a “dedicated” resource to help them find the places they enjoy patronizing? Pretty simple concept, right?

Wouldn’t it be great for meat-and-three owners and operators if they had a resource that was dedicated to getting their name and information in front of new and potential meat-and-three lovers, as much as they themselves are?

The Answer Is …

It seems like the logical answer to those questions is a “yes” – those two parties can come together in a place of mutual interest … a hub where the “meat and three” is the focus and the bond that brings them together. No one else is doing this, so it makes sense to provide this information on a broader scale.

Therefore, exists. I sincerely hope it helps meat-and-three operators and lovers find each other, many times over.

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Why Now? - Future is NowThere are some really good meals to be had at meat-and-three restaurants across the U.S.! And, there are tons of really great people on both sides of the equation – the ones that are preparing and serving the meals (and washing dishes and bussing tables) and the customers who are eating those meals (individuals, couples, families, carpenters, mayors, truck drivers, CEO’s, nurses, landscapers … you get the idea).

Those two sides need to come together! They want to come together. is here to simply facilitate the process of helping meat-and-three lovers find meat-and-three restaurants, diners and cafes. We’re also here to introduce new converts to the concept and it’s variants. NOW is the perfect time!


I don’t know the actual numbers, but the “meat and three” is a contributor to our economy. It’s also written in the history of our nation. The traditional “meat and three” is an institution. It’s built into the fabric of our society. It’s part of our heritage.

Our mothers and grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers, and aunts and uncles taught us how to cook, and helped to cultivate the love we have of food, both the eating and preparing of it. We pass those aspects on to coming generations. Over time, the love and appreciation gets integrated into the creative types of dining facilities that have been developed from the line of the venerable, traditional “meat and three” (see this Wall Street Journal article).

Now is the time for the “meat and three” to move into the mainstream because there are so many variations of the concept beyond it’s historical beginnings.

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