Thanks for visiting our Owner Information page. If you have a current meat-and-three restaurant, diner or cafe, or are looking to open a meat-and-three in the near future, and want to be in our database, please let us hear from you soon. We LOVE meat-and-threes, and LOVE small business. So, guess what, we LOVE you!

Please Note: our definition of a meat-and-three includes dining establishments that offer at the very least a meat-and-two sides as a regular part of their menu for lunch and/or dinner. Meat-and-three/meat-and-two are used interchangeably – we use meat-and-three, as most people do. Regular daily postings of your menu, Blue Plate Special, Daily Lunch Special, etc. (with prices), on your website and/or Facebook help us to confirm your place really is a “meat and three.”

The dining categories are fairly broad, and include the following: American, Bar or Pub, BBQ, Cajun, Caribbean, Creole, Fine Dining, Hot Chicken, Soul, and Southern. We may include other categories in the future.

We use the term “Traditional” to refer to a place that serves one meat and three vegetables/sides; does not have other menu options;  and is typically only open for lunch. We think these deserve a special designation, as they symbolize the history of the name sake.

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