NFL Draft, Music City and the Meat-and-Three

You’re in Nashville for the NFL Draft. Music City's southern hospitality has covered you like a warm blanket. Now it's time to eat! If you googled the options, you likely came across a term you

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Ramsey’s Diners in Lexington, KY Celebrate Thirty Years

The four Ramsey's Diners in the Lexington, KY area provide an excellent example of why people love meat-and-three restaurants so much. Oftentimes, one owner or a small family group create an atmosphere where people come

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Favorite Ride Board on Pinterest

What is a Favorite Ride Board on Pinterest, you may ask? Well, this one may be a little "out there," so go with me here and you'll soon see. I love cars. I love meat-and-three

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San Francisco Brunch Options Include a Meat-and-Three

Amongst San Francisco brunch options, there is a well-established meat-and-three that provides a "taste of the deep south". This is confirmed via an article in the SFInsider portion of It may be hard to

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Bogartz Food Arts Opens in Sandy Springs, GA

Bogartz Food Arts opens on Saturday, November 20, 2018 in the northern Atlanta city of Sandy Springs, GA. Beth McKibben, an editor at Eater (Atlanta) says "Bogartz is where the Southern Meat-and-Three meets Tom Petty" in

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Varallo’s in Nashville, TN Offers Cheap Chili

Varallo's in Nashville, TN offers a cheap bowl of chili for under a ten-spot, says Mary Hance in her November 6th Ms. Cheap article on She provides an excellent view of this historic Nashville restaurant, including

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The Fillin’ Station in Cullman, AL Joins Chamber

The Fillin' Station in Cullman, AL joins the local Chamber of Commerce with an official ribbon-cutting, after several months of being open, according to an article by Cullman Tribune's Christy Perry. Located on the west side

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Nashville, TN Thanksgiving Take-Out Options

The Nashville, TN Thanksgiving take-out options for 2018 are plentiful, and the "meat-and-three" meal is well represented. Thankfully! You will want to check out this thorough StyleBlueprint article by Alex Hendrickson on the fantastic options

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Anna’s Cafe in Deatsville, AL Opened Early October

Amalia Kortright, in a heartwarming article written in The Wetumpka Herald has reported that Anna's Cafe in Deatsville, AL opened in early October (2018). The owner, Paula Cardwell, honors the memory of her daughter in opening the

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Kountry Kitchen and Seafood in Jeffersonville, GA

The Kountry Kitchen & Seafood Restaurant, located in Jeffersonville, Georgia, has become an integral part of this small community, just southeast of Macon. It's been four years since the owner, Maurice James, opened this much-needed

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