Don't Burn the Okra storyToday’s been a slow day, money-wise. I’m just sayin’. We’re not really supposed to say that, I know, but it happens, right?

As a buddy of mine says, “My calendar’s looking awfully white for the next day/week/month!” He’s a Nashville musician, and when his calendar’s pages are blank, he knows he won’t be making much money until he fills up those pages with some gigs.

Well, I was sitting at my desk this morning, looking at a white calendar and wondered out loud, “How can I make just $100 today before midnight? What can I do online to bring in some cash?” (Make Money Online – a Book by Raman Shahi)

These questions came to me after reading two articles about blogging. One concerned the plethora of options available these days, and what one could expect to earn after putting in lots of time and hard work over days and months and years. The author made it quite clear that it is highly unlikely—actually, very highly unlikely—that one would achieve overnight success while blogging.

Reality check.

The other person suggested “one thing” that would have to be done in order to gain success as a blogger. She laid out her strategy, which seemed to make a lot of sense.

Light Bulb

It didn’t take long for my idea to hit me. And, boy, is it a winner. Really! Ready for it? The title of this $100, money-making bad-boy-of-a-blog-article is … “Don’t Burn the Okra.

What? A little disappointed? Confused? Not even a little curious? Wondering about my sanity? Hang with me for a second and you’ll see the absolute “genius” of this little idea!

Early Morning Veggie Check

It started this morning. About 6:05am. I walked out the back door to check the veggies in all the containers. Tomatoes. Squash. Peppers. More tomatoes. More peppers. And, okra.

The okra has been a bit disappointing this summer, to say the least. Out of four plants, I’ve picked “maybe” ten okra. Ten. An average of 2.5 per plant. That’s embarrassing. I shouldn’t even tell you. I should hit the delete button right now, before going any further.

But, I can’t.

Just like I couldn’t stop myself from looking back on my iPad for that roasted okra recipe I used last summer. Man, alive, that was so good. Crunchy. Flavorful. Not slimy! Easy.

Even with those six measly okra, it would be worth the effort just to enjoy a few bites.

Within minutes, I had the oven pre-heating to 425 degrees, sliced those six okra up, slapped them on a small cookie sheet, drizzled some olive oil, and shook a little salt and cracked pepper on them. I set the timer for nine minutes, and proceeded to make some eggs for breakfast. (Inexpensive Highly-Rated Kitchen Timer)

When the buzzer went off, I pulled the okra out. They looked awesome, so I immediately turned them over, put them back in the oven, and got back to the eggs.

About 10, maybe 15 minutes later, though, it dawned on me that I never set the timer for the other side of the okra. I just resumed putting together a sick (okay, bad choice of words) fried egg sandwich for me, and some mad scrambled eggs and veggies for my daughter.

I was so in the “egg” moment that I lost my okra focus.

Have you every lost your okra-focus? (Miscellaneous Okra Items on Amazon)

They’re Burnt, Allright

Well, I yanked that cookie sheet out of the oven and almost said a bad word … dad gummit. Maybe even dag nabbit. Those okra were going to be solid black from the burning they got, I was sure.

Much to my surprise, they weren’t “that” bad. Sure, they were a bit toasted. But, all in all, there was “some” flavor there. It was a not-so-subtle reminder that doing two things at once can only create a bit of distraction.

Someone I know (who shall remain nameless) likes to say words about people getting older, like that’s the cause of every little thing not remembered, or every little ache or pain, or the myriad other things that go awry during a day, now that I am on the other side of 55. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. IDK.

All I know is that the Farmer’s Market is calling, and they better have some okra down there. I’ve got a hankerin’ for a whole mess of that roasted okra business, and my non-fertile, non-producing okra patch “ain’t getting it done.”

Next time, I will hopefully take my own advice and just lightly char the “okry” and not burn it beyond recognition.


Now, what in the world does this have to do with making money on the internet, before the clock strikes 12 in about 9 hours?

Well, friend … I’m not sure. I just thought this little “true story” might be halfway entertaining as a blog article. I hope that something in it brings a smile to your face, at the very least, but also makes you want to share it with all your friends and family, acquaintances and internet gurus and rich moguls.

One of them may decide to drop a C-note in my pocket, and I will have reached my goal before the clock turns over to a new day. Wouldn’t that be sick/cool/boss/fly/whatever?

Maybe the idea–the lesson–for the day revolves around focus. Maybe we sometimes need assistance keeping our eyes on the prize.

Calendars. People. Lists. Electronic Devices. Those tools can help. So can family and friends, and inspirational books and messages. And a worthy goal.

Next time you lose your focus or just forget something as non-life-altering as over-cooking veggies in the oven, I hope you’ll remember reading something from a guy who lightened the moment a bit with a phrase you’ve likely never heard before. You’ll look at your calendar and remember that time, when the corners of your lips turned up with a slight smile at his … unusual … story. And, you will get back to whatever it was that you were into before you got so distracted. Good luck with that!

Here It Is

You knew it was coming.

You may run into a link or two in this article. Should you click on any of them, I’ll probably earn a few pennies and will inch my way toward that $100 goal. I’ll be much obliged.

Have a very nice day, friend! Eats lots of okra!


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